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Validation of TSS Plans
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Year 2000
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This area describes bug fixes and work-arounds.

Status of Programs:

1  Attribute Sampling Plans -- TP105:
No reported errors.

2  Variables Sampling Plans -- TP414:
No reported errors.

3  Reliability Sampling Plans -- TP781:
No reported errors.

Audit Sample Planner -- ASP:

Error writing output to file:
This error applies only to version 1.26 with file dates of ASP .EXE prior to 2/10/00.

The program will not write output to a new file that does not yet exist. Instead it generates error #52.

Immediate Workaround:
Use a text editor such as Windows Notepad to create an empty file with that file name. Then with ASP, you will be able to write over that file.

To Obtain a Corrected Program:
Users of the affected program can obtain a corrected copy of ASP.EXE. Request the free update by email to:


The updated program will be sent to you as a zipped email attachment.